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It's May Day! Time for Mead and Finnish Donuts!

We do have some real information to share with you guys.

Smaller batch shipments continue to our resellers as we speak. Next week focus on Sport models due to the supplied components situation. Resellers have been informed and should be contacting you guys in this matter. On the Pro side, the availability issue is getting forward and there will be few lucky ones with a fresh Pro in a couple of next weeks!

We are getting production batches now with fluctuating intervals, now it seems that there is a delivery every three to four weeks to our respected resellers. Manufacturing have been forced to move away from the big batch system to a leaner production model so that’s one of the reasons why you are seeing smaller quantities moving around. Coronavirus literally eats away the numbers that we can deliver.

Long term plan for fixing the root issue is progressing well. We have widened our supply chain and included suppliers from eg. Taiwan. These actions will boost our manufacturing capacity in the future and help prevent similar availability issues. We have been making changes to the production process to ease the flow of goods but for the full effect, they will take some time.

We truly understand that you guys want the unit right now, we are sorry for these delays and want you to know that measures are being made to fix the situation.

Have a relaxing weekend and awesome May Day!

Team Simucube

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