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Preview of upcoming Simucube Profile Online 1.0

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The Simucube team has been working hard to make the user experience outside the actual driving better. This time we want to offer you a sneak-peak at our latest software side project: Simucube Profile Online.

This feature will be made available to all Simucube 2 Drivers in steps. The first stage will be invited only -basis. Later, all the Simucube 2 R1 and Ultimate owners will be asked to participate in testing. We don’t have exact dates, but we are about to launch the first stage of testing in the next couple of weeks and public beta in about a month.

Simucube 1 is a bit more challenging because of device architecture and implementation. We will look into this but no promises.

What does the Simucube Profile Online offer?

  • The driver can save and load profiles to your own account – You can create a profile with one device and share it to all your devices and with your friends.

  • Official profiles from professional drivers, teams, etc.

  • The voting system for the community to determine proper good profiles from the mass

  • Profiles will be saved to a cloud service, and to be able to use this feature, one has to have an online connection - We will be offering offline usage as a fallback solution

  • There will be an Online Page to browse the profiles and a new tab in True Drive software

What are we dreaming about in the future?

  • Simucube Profile Online could cover the most important simulator and car combinations to enable ease of use for the driver

  • What else?

This is an important one; what would you want to see in upcoming updates? Profile Online 1.0 is just a start for this project!

For official development discussion, pop into our official developer forum:

This is just one of the more significant scale updates that we will release in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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