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Simucube 2 delivery update

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

This post will summarize the production status and latest delivery information of Simucube 2 pre-orders.

The number of Simucube 2 pre-sale orders has surprised us positively, giving us a strong signal to switch to a higher gear in production. As we don't like the idea of cutting corners and sacrificing quality, we chose to invest money and time in proper production ramp-up. However, we were bit too optimistic of how fast we pull that off, so now we ended up in a situation where the first shipments will be somewhat late. The following chapter (below) will summarize our current best estimate of Simucube 2 deliveries. We chose this ramp-up strategy based on our belief that a Simucube driver would rather choose to wait couple of weeks to get premium life-long lasting device instead of rush-manufactured unit. The investment in higher throughput production gear will also reduce chances of further shortages.

First SC2 Pros and Sports have been shipped from factory

Delivery schedule - updated 24.5.2019

  • All pre-ordered Simucube 2 Pro and Sport units have been shipped out from factory to the official Simucube resellers during this week. Depending on location and reseller's shipping methods, we expect pre-orders to be delivered to the Simucube Drivers between 29th May and 7th June

  • Due to paramount amount of details ramping-up Simucube 2 Ultimate production with full custom 1 kW power supply, SC2 Ultimate will be delayed for about two weeks from the original schedule. We expect all pre-ordered SC2 Ultimates to be shipped out from factory to resellers by 7th June, and the deliveries to customers shall happen within 1-2 weeks after the factory shipment.

The status will be updated in this site twice per week to reflect with the latest changes and events in production.

Update 27.5.2019

Schedule from 24.5. stays valid. We have got preliminary info of last few SC2 Ultimate parts that we're still waiting to arrive on-time.

Update 31.5.2019

Estimated schedule from 24.5. has not been changed. SC2 Ultimate parts are expected to arrive in time. However, due to work piece handling issues with laser a marking vendor, we decided to leave the laser engraved "SIMUCUBE" logo out of SC2 Ultimate sides to avoid delaying the deliveries and risking product surface quality. SC2 Ultimate will still have full laser engraved SIMUCUBE logo in it's Quick Release and back plate that are engraved with different vendor.

Update 5.6.2019

SC2 Ultimate production is on track, however running at the very edge of possibility meeting the original shipping date. Original date depends on courier's capability to deliver last few parts needed for production. SC Team is working hard to meet the original date, which is possible if all parts arrive in time. We'll update status again later this week.

Update 10.6.2019

All pre-ordered SC2 Ultimate units have been shipped from the factory.

Pre-order Simucube 2 mission complete. Next up: batch 2. Stay tuned!

About the confusion

Simucube Team acknowledges that the team has sent out some preliminary and mixed information about shipping dates to our resellers before the official launch of site. Some of this early information may have ended up in the reseller web stores causing some confusion. The official delivery estimate for pre-orders is "May" as stated on The great thing is that we're pretty close meeting that goal. It is likely that many of the pre-orderer's will get their Pro and Sport during May. The biggest exception is the approximately two week delay SC2 Ultimate. The whole Simucube team is working hard to ensure minimum wait times and shortages of all SC2 models.

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