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Simucube 2 supply restrictions details 2020

Hello Drivers!

To reduce confusion, we wanted to share more info on the Simucube supply restrictions that have been affecting in 2020.

As you might have noticed, sim racing has skyrocketed in popularity during this spring. This means that Granite Devices has been forced (in a positive way!) to upscale the whole Simucube branch. At the same time COVID-19 struck the component supply chain at the worst possible timing and we're now dealing with the prolonged lead-times.

Simucube 2 Ultimate: The recent Ultimate shortage is a direct result of previously non-simulator motorsport drivers flocking to simulator world. Despite Ultimate production capacity is near 100% of 2019 level they are out of stock because that level is no longer sufficient to supply the demand. Ultimate production capacity has been immediately increased to close the supply gap. However, the big wheels of the component industry haven't been able to react as fast as the demand has changed, which caused the temporary out-of-stock situation also for Ultimate. Ultimates are manufactured in batches, so there is total out-of-the stock until the next batch is ready.

Simucube 2 Pro / Sport: The above situation applies also to Pro and Sport models, expect in addition, the production capacity has dropped more due to COVID-19 affecting the supply chain of the critical components. The same solution applies there: we have drastically increased volume to cover the gap. Also in this case, the lead-time of components is something that goes away just by waiting.

So in summary: right now we are in a situation where everything is sold out. We will inform you and the resellers about all the available updates as soon as we have news to share. We want to point out that this supply situation is not under the control of our respected resellers - there is nothing they can do to ship Simucubes until we can deliver them more. We kindly ask our community to listen to our official updates of the situation and wait for your reseller to inform you about your order status updates. You can trust that everyone at the Simucube team and reseller partners is doing all they can to deliver!

The goal: our main goal currently is to minimize the shortage period and maximize the volume after the shortage. We aim to have higher production capacity than demand, so eventually Simucube 2 could be purchased from stock with next day delivery time.


PS. we thank you for being active in sharing your thoughts in the previous Special Edition idea. We have taken our notes and we will update you guys regarding this next week with proper information and plan. You can be assured that it will be very fair and only a positive gesture to everyone.

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