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Week 28 Status Manufacturing Status Update

Greetings from Simucube HQ!

One of the last “crisis manufacturing status updates from the Simucube 2 Headquarters but with a big content, including good and bad news.

=== Bad news first:===

One of our component trains got delayed by natural disaster in the far east and this affects some shipments to a handful of official resellers. They will and have been contacting the drivers for this small delay. No Simucubes were harmed during this incident! This is a Force Majeure situation at the worst possible time. The good thing that it only delays the shipment and we have already communicated the dates for rescheduled delivery.

=== The good news! ===

We are finally able to confirm the shipping dates for all the back-orders that our official resellers have been put in and waiting for! What does this mean? Well in short that our long term – Ramping up the production – plan is in full effect and we are finally seeing the results. Our factory is soon pushing new units out more than never before! We are having this discussion during this and next week with the resellers as details are getting locked in.

We are also starting to accept new orders from our resellers and have a proper date for them when they would receive the ordered items!

Lastly, the Finnish summer holidays are on and our support is working on a skeleton crew for some time. Guys and gals have earned their break! We would kindly ask for understanding from you that our replies might take some time, especially during this season.

We want to thank you our drivers for staying there with us and understanding the challenges that have been the theme for 2020, it seems. We want to offer our best and for us, the driver comes first!

Have an excellent weekend there!

Team Simucube

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