Simucube True Drive

Simucube True Drive is the configuration software for Simucube 2. 

With True Drive, a racer can see the device's status information, manage connections to Simucube Wireless Wheels and adjust the various safety features of the Simucube 2 product.


Most importantly, the racer can tune the force feedback settings.
FFB adjustments available via the True Drive make it possible to tune the FFB feeling to exact requirements for each racer.


Basic adjustments include steering angle and FFB strength. In addition, a large variety of natural signal filters are available, and the adjustment range for the driving feel surpasses all other products on the market. 

 True Drive Paddock access enabled for all Simucube 2 Racers!

What's new in Simucube True Drive?

True Drive Paddock enables racers to access pre-defined FFB setting profiles shared by enthusiasts via an intuitive user interface. Racers can add the shared profiles for their use and edit them to their liking. By giving feedback on profiles, the racers make it simple for everyone to access the best possible profiles. 

Publishing one's profiles for others to use is not required. The racers can search profiles from their favorite users, and one can add links to social media accounts to the user profile. Further community-like features are planned to be added to the True Drive Paddock.

Simucube profiles from different Influencers, real-life drivers, and top-tier racing brands will be implemented to the True Driver Paddock for you to enjoy and explore in the future software releases.

For frequently asked questions, please look at our FAQ on the lower portion of this page.

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Frequently asked questions


What is Simucube True Drive Paddock?

Profile Online is a system where your Simucube settings are stored in an online cloud. You can share and use other driver's profiles if you wish. This makes it much easier to share force feedback settings between users as there is no need to share them on forums, Facebook user groups, or other similar platforms via a complicated screenshot process.

How can I get Simucube True Drive Paddock feature and use it?

True Drive Paddock early access is available as a separate download that matches the True Drive release version.

Who can use Simucube True Drive Paddock?

Every Simucube owner will ultimately be able to use the Profile Online system. During the Early Access phase, the access is limited to all Simucube 2 Ultimate drivers and those Simucube 2 Sport & Pro drivers who had to wait extraordinarily long for their devices during the hardware component shortage and pandemic in 2019&2020. We have drawn the cutoff to the R1/R2 models - R1 models have access, whereas R2 models do not for now.

How to use Simucube True Drive Paddock?

On the first run, Truedrive Paddock requires a registration process, and after that, you only need to log in to the system periodically.

While the presentation of profiles is more graphical than in the previous profile management system, the basic idea is the same: A driver needs several different FFB settings to have optimal Force Feedback experience in various games and vehicle types.

Recommendations and limitations

Where can the True Drive Paddock be used?

True Drive Paddock can be used in all places where Simucube 2 can be used. There are no geographical restrictions.

Note for lounge users who have multiple running rigs: Currently, the system support one active Profile per user account, and unexpected things might happen if you have several rigs running with the same user account.

We are implementing better support for lounge users during the Early Access phase.

Does the racing rig have to connect to the Internet to use Profile Online?


To be able to use True Drive Paddock, an Internet connection is required. However, we will implement a system where the profiles you use are being cached locally on your PC, and in case of any network problems, you will be able to use the cached profiles.

This feature will be implemented during the Early Access phase and will be available as a separate update.

Can I set a default profile?

Simucube 2 True Drive must be running. The last used Profile will get send to the device after the online connection is made and the application loads.

During the Early Access phase, functionality to always have the same Profile at device start will be implemented.

Is True Drive Paddock for Simucube 1?

True Drive Paddock does not support Simucube 1.

For Simucube 1 systems, other differences between devices - power supplies, motors, encoders in the motors, and servo drive tuning parameters that drivers can edit via Granity affect the driving feel.

Therefore the usability of such settings sharing is not as good in Simucube 1 as it is in Simucube 2, where there are always the same motors, power supplies, and servo drive tuning parameters.

Are my old profiles saved in True Drive Paddock?

Old profiles are not converted or saved automatically in the online mode.

However, you can export each of your "Classic" profiles to a separate .ini file by using the Export button, selecting "Export this profile" in True Drive Classic, and then importing those settings when you create a new profile in the Online Profiles mode.

Profile Sharing

How do I share a profile? Do I have to share my profiles?

You can share your own Profile by viewing your profile parameters and clicking the "Publish" button in the menu.

No profiles are automatically shared with other racers.

How do I find other driver's profiles?

Profiles that other drivers have shared are in the Online Profiles view.

Can I save other user's profiles for myself?

Yes, you can add a profile from the "Online Profiles" view to your profiles, and you can choose whether or not to update the Profile as the online Profile is being updated by the driver who shared it.

You can also make a copy of this online Profile and edit it yourself.

Where do I get help and support in True Drive Paddock

Please use the Send Feedback -button in the True Drive software to report apparent bugs and send feedback.

For support requests, contact your Simucube reseller/distributor.

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