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Simucube 2 True Drive 2020.3 Update Released!

You asked and we have listened! The version 2020.3 of the Simucube 2 True Drive software includes the possibility to automatically enable the High Torque Mode on device start. This new setting will also disable the standby mode with the safety notification beeps. It will also be possible to password protect the profile parameters to enable the simulator operators to maintain consistent settings and user experience. Also, the True Drive software will look better when shown on the high-DPI display. We are continuing to listen for feedback on social media and other feedback channels. If you have any suggestions, feedback or just want to say hello, let us know! Small changes and fixes

  • Automatic Simucube Wireless Wheel idle disconnect - wheels will disconnect after 1h of inactivity to optimize battery life. Activity is monitored through wheel turning 10 degrees or more. Also, the disconnect is not allowed to happen if there are FFB effects in use.

  • Built with Qt 5.14.1 - True Drive should scale better on high-DPI display

  • Drivers can set password protection for profile settings. This feature is especially useful for commercial sim operators - if a password is set, visitors can't make unwanted adjustments.

  • A brief display of wrongly showing 2.56 V for wireless wheel voltage when connecting a wireless wheel is fixed.

  • Sometimes impossible to click the Re-enable Torque button is now always possible.

Automatic High Torque Mode

  • Drivers can set the High Torque Mode to be enabled automatically on the device start.

  • If automatic High Torque Mode has been enabled, the standby mode functionality including the beeps is disabled as well.

  • For these to work, True Drive must be running on the computer.

  • There is a command-line option 'tray' to launch True Drive to Tray Icon.

Version history can be found on our Wiki Page: Download Link Keep on racing!

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