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True Drive is a driver and configuration software for all Simucube 2 devices. True Drive is required to configure and use Simucube 2.

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Simucube 2 development materials are uploaded to our wiki page.

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Simucube 2

Do you directly sell Simucube 2 from your website? Do you deliver to x country?

No, we let our expert resellers do their part. They are listed on Where to buy page. They sell our products globally. Note that their stock situations may vary. If you're unable to find suitable reseller for you, feel free to contact us and we'll arrange options for you.

What are the differences between Simucube 1 and Simucube 2?

Simucube 2 has number of differences, starting from the base concept how it's designed and built, and how it integrates to everything. Two full years of precision engineering put into the development to bring racing simulator, steering wheel, rig, and realism as close together as possible. Every part in SC2 has been tightly matched and optimized for each other - motor, angle sensor, electronics, firmware, signal processing, and even the power supplies. This allows Simucube developer team to stretch SC2 performance to the next level in terms of response speed, dynamic range and the realism of signal processing.
SC2 internal electronics have been completely redesigned for Direct Drive operation. New dual CPU architecture has plenty of headroom to be future proof in Sim Racing. For more details about advantages in SC2, check out the product pages.

Where can I buy wheels, pedals and rigs for my Simucube 2?

Most of our resellers offer these components as well, you can check them on Where to buy page.

Where's the user manual for Simucube 2?

User manual can be downloaded from Support page.

How should I fix Simucube 2 to my rig/table?

Check our User manual and Dimensions on the Support page.

Do I need to service Simucube 2?

Simucube 2 has no user serviceable parts. It is designed to last a lifetime.

What simulator games does Simucube 2 support?

Simucube 2 supports standard Direct Input USB interface and in theory all games that support Direct Input wheel are compatible. Simucube 2 developer team officially tests and supports following titles: iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 1 & 2, F1 2018, F1 2019, Automobilista, Dirt Rally, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and RaceRoom. More officially supported titles are added as they become available and gain momentum.

Can I buy the motor/electronics/encoder/etc separately?

As SC2 parts are tightly designed and optimized for each other, there is no sales of components separately. Accessory parts (SQR and SWW modules) are sold by our distributors.

What is included in SC2 Sport/Pro/Ultimate package?

Simucube 2 comes in a box containing: - SC2 Sport/Pro/Ultimate wheel base - DC power supply/supplies - Remote Torque off button (standard type on Sport & Pro, premium full metal design with remote power switch on Ultimate)
- Simucube Quick Release and one wheel side counterpart to be equipped on standard wheel - Power cables, Remote torque off cable, USB cable - Quick start guide

What else I need to use Simucube 2? What's not included?

To make simulator experience complete in addition to SC2, you will need: - Simulator rig with Simucube compatible fixture, or a rigid table and a mounting bracket - A steering wheel with 50.8 or 70 mm mounting bolt pattern. Can be traditional wired or Simucube Wireless Wheel compatible wheel. - Pedals - Racing seat And of course: - Windows PC - Display(s) or VR headset - Simulator game For Sim Racing specific hardware (rigs, wheels, pedals), browse SC2 distributor's selection or third party vendors. SC2 distributors are listed in Where to buy.

True Drive Software

Does True Drive work on Linux?

We will develop a Linux version of the True Drive software as soon as there is moderate demand for it.

I have an idea or feedback, how do I get it in SC2 / True Drive?

We're always welcoming Driver's feedback and ideas on aything Simucube / True Drive related. Drop us a message through Contact page or discuss with us at the Forum.

What is True Drive?

True Drive is the configuration PC application for Simucube.

Wireless Wheel (SWW)

Which wheels are compatible with Simucube Wireless Wheel system?

Simucube Wireless Wheel System uses bespoke transmitter module, and is only compatible with wheels designed to use it. These wheels are becoming available through many of our distributors.

Do SWW support analog inputs for eg clutch paddles?

Not at this point due to the high power consumption it would cause. But let's see what future brings...

Do SWW support digital outputs for my wheel LEDs?

Not at this point due to the high power consumption. But let's see what future brings...

How is SWW powered?

SWW has ultra low power electronics and is powered by a single cell battery. In daily hard-core use the estimated life time of single lithium battery is above 5 years. User will get indication of low battery a long time before it's critical to be replaced.

What kind of inputs do SWW have?

SWW supports: - Paddle switches - Wheel buttons - Rotary encoders - Wheel torque on/off switch All wheels inputs will be pre-configured by the wheel manufacturer. Wheel will be ready to use immediately after pairing with Simucube.

Quick Release (SRQ)

Which wheels are compatible with Simucube Quick Release?

SQR is widely used in multiple different wheel manufacturers that are sold by many of our distributors. SQR comes with following mounting options: 50.8 mm bolt pattern (front side of wheel mounting), 70 mm bolt pattern (front & back side mouning).

Are there serviceable parts in SQR?

Practically the only wearing parts are the spring loaded "ball plungers" in the wheel base side of SQR. These are designed to last thousands of operations without losing their grip. However if they wear out, they can be replaced with original part from KIPP (part nr KIPP K0321.208).

Will there be any play, backlash or flex?

SQR has been engineered to operate completely backlash & play free under rapidly changing peak torques of Direct Drive. Due to clever self-tightening wedge design, the rigidity is practically no different from a solid shaft.

SimuCUBE 1

Will Simucube 1 have the same updates as Simucube 2?

Development will continue for SC1 but SC2 will take priority. Some features will be added to SC1 but it may take some time after releasing them to SC2. SC1 has older hardware that will not support all new features.

Will you continue to sell Simucube 1?

Simucube 1 is currently sold through Granite Devices webshop. Plans to retire Simucube 1 would be announced well before retirement.

Simucube 2 Sport & Pro Revisions

Is the Simucube 2 R1s still going to be updated?

Yes, R1 will be updated as long as R2

Is the R2 going to have different software/firmware?

Simucube True Drive software will be the same as before
R2 will only be supported from Simucube 2 True Drive release 2020.9 onwards
Manually downgrading to an older than 2020.9 firmware version will not be possible – the device will not accept those firmware versions

Can I change the R1 to a single power supply?

No, this is not possible

Is my R1 still possible to repair?

  • Yes, we have spare parts to fix the R1 model.
    • We always aim at repairing instead of replacing

How long will the R1 be supported?

We still support the SimuCUBE 1 board, so you can assume many years of support to the original SC2 models

Are the Simucube 2 Pro and Sport back connectors in the same place?

No, there is only one PSU connector in both Sport and Pro. Some of the connectors are
slightly different places.
Also, the power switch is a push-button instead of a rocker switch The status LED is no longer a separate LED. Instead, it is integrated with the PSU connector that lights up more elegantly

Is the Simucube 2 Pro and Sport R2 smaller or bigger?

Physical dimensions stay practically the same (SC2 Sport and Pro are 2mm shorter)

Minor changes in the connector placements in the rear housing might result in some differences in installing the device to some rigs.

Are the electronics better in R2 than in R1?

No but there are small changes in electronics internally.

Is the PSU cable length the same in R2 compared to R1?

No, the PSU cable length is 1,7 meters for Pro and 1,8 meters for Sport. R1 cable
lengths were 1 meter for both models.